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Helen Lee
Psychic Medium

Illuminate Your Path: A Warm Welcome to All!

Greetings and welcome, spiritual explorers!

The Mission:

  • To bring light to the enigmatic journey of life.
  • To empower each soul to live vibrantly, responsibility and authentically.
  • To assist you in living your truth, embracing your passion, and navigating the pathway to your life’s purpose.
Through Helen’s guidance, discover the clarity and insight you’ve been seeking. Be it in the form of spiritual growth, wellness, or navigating life’s complex tapestry, the sessions aim to be a beacon, illuminating your path.

All the sessions and readings are for the express purpose of fostering spiritual growth, wellness, and guidance. Helen’s offerings, while insightful and illuminating, do not substitute for professional advice – medical, clergy, counselling, financial, health or psychiatric.

The decisions you make post-session are deeply personal and hinge on your interpretation and free will. Please remember, in some parts of the World, these services are provided for ‘entertainment’ purposes only, and no guarantees, either implied or stated, can be made.

I, warmly welcome individuals aged 18 and over to explore the offerings. So why wait? Start your journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment today.

Meet Helen: A World-Renowned Beacon

Allow us to introduce you to Helen, a shining light in the international psychic and mediumship community, based in the vibrant heart of Vancouver, Canada. From a tender age, Helen has felt an intimate connection with the celestial – Angelic Realms, Elementals and the Spirit World have been her constant companions, gently guiding and influencing her journey.



My session with Helen was incredible.  I was left feeling very clear and strong on my life and where I needed to go.  I recommend her very highly. 


Vancouver, Canada

Great reading!  I’m glad I called her.  She made feel better and answered all my questions.  I would surely recommend Helen.  She is truly professional.  Thank you so much. 


Delta, B.C. Canada

It was great to meet you yesterday.  Thanks very much for your insights. 

L. – Vancouver


Helen is very gentle and caring in her approach and put me at ease.  She was able to provide useful insights and clarity when I was at a crossroad.   Thank you, Helen. 

N. Vancouver


My reading with Helen went well.  I was impressed by her insight into my life situations.  I was a little nervous at first but Helen made me feel at ease.  I will recommend her to everyone.  Thank you. 

S. Vancouver


I will never forget what you have done for me!   S.T. – Basingstoke, England

S.T. – Basingstoke