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Meet Helen: A World-Renowned Beacon


Allow us to introduce you to Helen, a shining light in the international psychic and mediumship community, based in the vibrant heart of Vancouver, Canada. From a tender age, Helen has felt an intimate connection with the celestial – Angelic Realms, Elementals and the Spirit World have been her constant companions, gently guiding and influencing her journey.

Recognizing her profound wisdom and spiritual gifts, Helen committed to harnessing her unique talents to illuminate the path for those seeking spiritual awareness and wisdom. Today, she is a beacon of hope and enlightenment for countless individuals across the globe.

Esteem as a seer, psychic and medium, Helen has earned an international reputation for her accuracy, passion, and dedication, earning her the affectionate moniker, “The Psychic Diva.” Her meticulous work, coupled with a deep sense of pride in her craft, resonates within the spiritual communities worldwide, where her abilities are acknowledged and celebrated.

Through her guidance, Helen aspires to continue empowering others in their spiritual journeys, sharing insights and wisdom as they navigate life’s mysterious path. Are you ready to discover a new level of spiritual understanding? Helen looks forward to being your guide.