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Starting November 14, 202517.00 - 20.30Tarot cards are viewed as an ancient and mysterious divination tool for modern times. These 78 cards once understood reveal insights, a story line and guidance...

Unleash Your Inner Oracle with Helen’s Engaging Tarot Workshop

“Step into the timeless realm of Tarot, where wisdom unfolds in a deck of cards.”

Are you intrigued by the alluring charm of Tarot Cards? Does learning to read the Tarot from books seem like a daunting task? Have you been longing to uncover the enigmatic secrets of this age-old divination tool from an experienced Tarot Reader?

Embark on a mystical journey with Tarot, a profound and intriguing instrument of divination that has transcended through time. The deck of 78 cards, once decoded, spins a tale and offers deep insights, elevating Tarot to an integral part of Spiritual Card Readings.

Join Helen in an immersive, online Tarot workshop over the course of an weekend. Discover the allure of Tarot in a dynamic, interactive setting, and learn to interpret the cards in ways that resonate beyond traditional interpretations.

Dive into the Enchanting World of Tarot:

  • Detailed exploration of the 22 enigmatic Major Arcana Cards and the 4 vibrant Minor Suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles).
  • Engaging homework assignments between sessions for a hands-on Tarot experience.
  • The finale session dedicated to conducting intuitive readings for self and others.
  • Insightful integration of Oracle cards with Tarot for a more nuanced understanding.

The workshop employs the classic Rider Waite Deck, beloved in the Tarot community for its vivid imagery and rich symbolism. Highly recommended to purchase this deck prior to the start of the Workshop.

With Helen’s unique ‘pay-it-forward’ approach, a portion of your energy exchange gets donated to select charities. This means your Tarot journey not only illuminates your path but also sheds light on the broader community.

Unlock the secrets of Tarot, and let the cards narrate your story with newfound clarity. Dive into the mesmerizing world of Tarot with Helen. Namaste.

Price : $200