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Discover Your Soul’s Pathway with Helen’s Clairvoyant Soul Reading

Unlock the mysteries of your life with Helen, a highly esteemed Clairvoyant Psychic and Medium. Her nurturing and open approach ensures that even those new to psychic readings feel instantly at ease. Her ability to connect with people’s energy has resulted in numerous clients, many of whom had their first ever reading with Helen, putting their trust in her hands.

This unique, 50-minute journey of self-discovery delves into various facets of your life, offering guidance and insights on Love, Relationships, Family, Career, Finances, and even potential relocations.

Your Clairvoyant Soul Reading may include:

  • An insightful Tarot cards spreads.
  • Guided spiritual advice.
  • Revealing karmic messages from your Akashic Records.
  • Clear, healing messages from the Spirit.
  • Confirmation and clarity about your current situation.
  • Channeled wisdom from your Spirit Guides and Angels.
  • A deeper understanding of yourself.

While Helen possesses an exceptional gift to connect with the spiritual realm, she is neither a medical intuitive nor a fortune teller. She believes in empowering her clients to take personal responsibility for their lives, rather than providing direct ‘answers’. As such, she refrains from conducting health-related readings, advising her clients to consult with certified medical practitioners for such concerns.

A session with Helen doesn’t just offer clarity; it provides peace of mind, a recognition of your purpose, and validation of your life’s path.

In the current times, the readings have transitioned to a virtual platform. Rest assured, Helen’s intuitive connection transcends physical boundaries. Your Clairvoyant Soul Reading will be conducted via virtually, with all necessary instructions shared beforehand. Regrettably, face-to-face sessions are currently not available.

Upon receipt of your booking, Helen will promptly respond with her availability via email. Although your session will be conducted virtually, it is as personal and unique as you. You’re welcome to record or take notes during your session, as long as it’s your responsibility to manage these.

A Gift That Gives Back

True to her belief in the circle of life and energy, Helen ‘pays it forward’ by donating a part of your energy exchange to selected charities.

Join Helen on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. Namaste.

Price: $150.00