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Unveil the Mysteries of the Afterlife with Helen’s Mediumship Reading

“The bonds of love are as strong in Heaven as they are in life.”

Wondering what Mediumship really is? Be it psychic medium, evidential medium, spiritual medium, intuitive medium, or a developing medium, they all point towards the same spiritual capability – the power to establish a connection with the Spirit World and the Afterlife. The aim is to channel messages from your loved ones who now reside in Heaven, bridging the gap between our physical world and theirs.

Helen, through years of specialized training, has honed her mediumship skills, gaining the ability to receive channeled messages from Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, loved ones in Heaven, the Akashic Records, and Angels.

Functioning as a conduit for the Spirit World, Helen leverages her telepathic skills and gifts of Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), and Claircognizance/Clairsentience (knowing and sensing) to convey hope, memories, unexpressed words, peace of mind, and reflection. She has been a source of spiritual guidance for numerous clients, helping them navigate their lives better, often witnessing their healing, spiritual growth, and enhanced self-confidence.

A mediumship reading with Helen is not a mysterious, intimidating process. Instead, it is a profound, enlightening experience that may bring:

  • Unexpressed messages from a departed loved one
  • A heartfelt reconnection with a pet now in the heavenly realm
  • Peace of mind, knowing your loved one is at peace in Heaven
  • Personal emotional healing and closure
  • Answers to your burning questions
  • Spiritual guidance from the Spirit World

First-time seekers and veterans alike have found comfort, safety, and enlightenment in their sessions with Helen.

In keeping with the times, Helen’s mediumship service is currently offered exclusively online, via virtual platform, with all necessary instructions shared beforehand. Regrettably, face-to-face sessions are currently not available.

A photograph of your loved one is kindly requested before the session. Upon receiving your booking notification, Helen will email you her availability and detailed instructions for the session.

And here’s a special touch – Helen believes in ‘paying it forward’. A portion of your energy exchange is donated to selected charities. This is Helen’s way of letting your love, and the love of your departed loved ones, touch more lives.

Welcome to a journey of spiritual awakening, healing, and connectivity. Helen is eager to be of service to you. Namaste.

Price: $100.00