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‘The Strong Bonds of Love are never severed in Life as in Heaven.’

What is Mediumship?

Whether one views him or herself as either a psychic medium; evidential medium; developing medium, spiritual medium, intuitive medium or any other affiliation, it’s initially all the same. The emphasis is on the spiritual ability of the Medium to make that connection or link with the Spirit World and the Afterlife. The significance from a mediumship reading or consultations is bringing forth messages from loved ones no longer living but now in Heaven.

Helen’s mediumship development involved specialized training in channeled messages from Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, love ones in Heaven, the Akashic Records, and the Angels.

Helen works as a conduit for the Spirit World and in the capacity as a Mental Medium using her telepathic skillsets. Spirit connections will impress messages through Helen’s abilities with her Clairvoyance(seeing), Clairaudience(hearing), and Claircognizance/Clairsentience (knowing and sensing) bringing through hope, unspoken words, memories, peace of mind, and reflection. Often, it addresses struggles and spiritual guidance for the client to move forward in their lives. Helen have witnessed healing, spiritual growth, and confidence from former clients through these special sessions.

There is nothing mysterious about receiving a mediumship reading and consultation service. The following lists what benefits a sitting may comprise of:

  • Hearing unspoken words/messages from a loved one
  • Reconnection with a pet now in pet heaven
  • Peace of mind and reassurance their loved one is at peace in Spirit
  • Personal emotional healing
  • Questions answered
  • Spiritual guidance from the Spirit World

Helen has conducted sittings for many former clients who were first timers when seeking the services of a medium. They have always felt safe and comforted after the session with her.

For the moment, this service will be moving to an online format. Apologies in advance as Helen will not be taking in person sessions until further notice.

This will be conducted over either FaceTime, What’s App, phone, or Skype. All information and instructions will be confirmed prior to the session.

Helen is looking forward to being of service.

**Please note – Helen likes to pay it forward through donations to selected charities with some of your energy exchange. Namaste.