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This one-on-one mentorship program is specifically aimed for anyone interested in the understanding, embracement, and strengthening of Psychic and Mediumship abilities but prefer private training classes. Many are experiencing energetic shifts and are having difficulty trying to maneuver walking between the 2 Worlds and developing their spiritual gifts.

Helen have led many psychic and mediumship training and development Circles over the past decade. Her experience and discoveries have led to hold private mentorship to meet everyone’s needs and ability levels. This came from many individuals reaching out and making this request.

Helen provides a safe and nurturing environment. Her teaching style is based from her intense training at the Arthur Findlay College – known as the mecca for advanced psychic studies and the British style of evidential mediumship in Essex, United Kingdom. In addition, she brings forward 20+ years of mediumistic experiences.

Each session allows the individual to understand the mechanics and development of their spiritual gifts. Feel empowered by letting go of fear and the unknown. Some of her former students were already working in the metaphysical arena but wanted to learn under her tutorage to further strengthen, fine tune, and expand on their consciousness and abilities.

There will be an initial interview before acceptance into this program. Please fill out the Contact Form.

**Please note – Helen likes to pay it forward through donations to selected charities with some of your energy exchange. Namaste.