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I was deeply moved and amazed during my session with Helen.  She told me facts that (aside from me and my deparated) no one could have known.  Certain things she said will resonate with me forever.  She is a gifted healer.  Thank you, Helen!

Bev S.

Vancouver, Canada

I booked a Clairvoyant Soul Reading with Helen and it was a very uplifting experience.  The reading was done through FaceTime, but I still felt very connected and got what I was looking for with the reading.  I will definitely be booking another session with Helen in the future!


Vancouver, Canada

My reading with Helen went well.  I was impressed by her insight into my life situations.  I was a little nervous at first but Helen made me feel at ease.  I will recommend her to everyone.  Thank you. 

S. Vancouver


My experience with you was incredible.  You have aided me in confronting my insecurities and have made me realize I can find love if I searching within my soul, and become aware of my own strengths.  Your method and accuracy of the events surrounding my life was free of error.  I can’t help but feel very connected to you after such a heartfelt experience.  I recommend your services to anyone.  You are a life saver.  A warm thank you!

M.B. Slave Lake

Alberta, Canada

My experience with you was incredible.  You have aided me in confronting my insecurities and have made me realize I can find love if I searching within my soul, and become aware of my own strengths.  Your method and accuracy of the events surrounding my life was free of error.  I can’t help but feel very connected to you after such a heartfelt experience.  I recommend your services to anyone.  You are a life saver.  A warm thank you!    M.B.  Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada

M.B. Slave Lake

Helen was very information and accurate!!!  I highly, highly recommend her.  She gave me lots of insights and I am now reflectig back.  A lot of it made so much sense!!  She also got in touch with my Aunty who I know is ok and is looking out for me and wants me to follow my dreams.  Helen is amazing and she had the honor of giving me my first reading and I’m very pleased.  I will definitely look forward to the next!   Thank you Helen for your messages.  You do amazing work and though I am still in search of my purpose…this is yours and you are Damn good at it!    J.C.  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

J.C. Edmonton

I want to thank you so much again for taking the time to do a mediumship session with me right before Christmas.  And for the healing that has taken place in my heart because of it.  I feel more at peace now and I am so glad that I gave that gift to myself.  I will definitely come back when I feel the time is right.
Thank you again, so much for sharing your beautiful gift with the World.  With gratitude, DM  Vancouver, Canada

DM Vancouver

I was searching for a psychic in the Vancouver area and came upon Helen Lee’s website.  As soon as we began our session she knew so much about how I felt and the past occurrences in my life.  Before the session, I felt alone and confused about my future.  After speaking with her, I felt guided, protected and assured.  I had an incredible session with her and have to say that she is a truly gifted psychic.  Thank you so much, Helen.  You are amazing!    C. Kinash, Vancouver, Canada

C. Kinash

Thanks for the insightful and amazing afternoons.  I feel I’ve learned so much.  I definitely agree; your insights have helped me already and especially recognizing that I should remain true to myself during client readings and not follow the ‘script’.  I definitely want to make this gift my own.  I am looking forward to the next few sessions with you, I have plenty more to learn about this wonderful world!    CHP – Vancouver, Canada

CHP – Vancouver

I will never forget what you have done for me!   S.T. – Basingstoke, England

S.T. – Basingstoke

I have known Helen for many years and have benefitted from her insights both professionally and personally.  In fact, one of Helen’s first insights for me occurred around 2002 when she highlighted a change in both my professional and personal life – scheduled for 2014.  It all unfolded as explained in the session.

Helen uses her many skills to prepare for a reading ie clairvoyance, cards and Chinese astrology.  Whilst each discipline is explained they are in fact pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which Helen puts together during the session.  There is no specific emphasis on any one piece – the emphasis is on how they relate to each other and how they come together to give you the full picture.  The reading itself is very detailed and rich in information.  It is delivered clearly and cleanly with no personal interpretation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Helen.  Her approach is professional, detailed, clear and unbiased.  

I would make one suggestion to those who are looking at a reading; as a client, we must be prepared to listen and think about the messages we receive.  A reading from Helen is not about kittens and puppy dogs and other fuzzy-warm-feelies.  A booking with Helen is about you looking for direction, guidance and truth.  It’s a serious undertaking!   You must be prepared to hear difficult answers.  

Questions on Life demand the Real Deal  and HELEN IS THE REAL DEAL!
Mike – London, England

Mike – London

I am so glad I called Helen.  After the tragic death of a loved one, I was left confused and with a lot of unanswered questions.  Helen was able to connect and answer all my questions.  I didn’t have to tell her anything and she knew my troubles.  Thank you once again.  You are truly an amazing person who just wants to help.  Thanks!
H.B. Vancouver, Canada

H.B. Vancouver

I had a soul reading via FaceTime with Helen.  To be honest, I was initially concerned with the idea of her having to read
my energy over the phone, but straight away she was able to confirm a lot of things about my life and inner feelings that
I haven’t shared with anyone else.  I left the reading feeling uplifted and hopeful for the future.  

I would definitely recommend that you book a Clairvoyant Soul Reading with her if you’re needing some more clarity on your current path! Thanks for sharing your gift with me, Helen.

N.M. Vancouver

B.C. Canada

Helen is very gentle and caring in her approach and put me at ease.  She was able to provide useful insights and clarity when I was at a crossroad.   Thank you, Helen. 

N. Vancouver


It was great to meet you yesterday.  Thanks very much for your insights. 

L. – Vancouver


I have just reread these channeled messages (from 6 years ago)and am printing it so I have it close at hand whenever I have doubts about who I am what I see or am doing.  The messages about medical for myself and my loved ones sure is accurate now that I look back 6 years.  The message about staff and colleagues were also so very apparent – even though I don’t work there anymore.

Also the message about following ‘my wildest dreams’ which could be about teaching spiritual classes and clearing homes has brought me incredible experiences in sharing what I do know and encouraged so many other light workers to come forth and know they are not nuts – as they were sometimes feeling.

Today, I knew I had to reread your Akashic Record Reading and it was helpful that I’m going to keep it in my spiritual bag so I can just pull it out whenever I need to.

Again, I just wanted to thank you for being you and to verify that you are such a great spiritual leader and my role model.  I LOVE you dearly, Helen.  Thank you so much for your guidance and being my friend. 

B. Edmonton

Alberta, Canada

My experience with Helen was an extremely positive one especially after waiting so many years to find a medium that I felt comfortable with.  Helen’s natural warmth gave me the comfort and reassurance to open my mind to what I was able to receive.  After which I had the Chinese Astrology Charts completed for my family.  This gave me an invaluable insight into my family dynamics and helped me to understand so much of why particular things were happening!  It has strengthened many of my family relations and it was well wroth the wait!

Jo – Bramley

Hampshire, England

The first thing I want to say about Helen – is she is honest.  That might not sound like a big thing, but for me it is.  You need to have a feeling of trust in the reader’s integrity.  Helen is sincere in her reading and she can be trusted to give you the insights as she fully sees or experiences them.  She also doesn’t exaggerate or sugar coat her messages, yet, she is very gentle, compassionate and kind in giving you information hat might be difficult to digest.  I also loved Helen’s great sense of humor!  O am quite an intuitive person as well and I sense a spiritually developed person instantly, not just from the website.  Helen has excellent gifts of spirit and she gave me a really helpful reading regarding career, finances and relationships.  My father in spirit was very recognizable when he came through she had no prior information about him at all.  She also saw clearly some of others that I am involved with on this plane.

Thank you, Helen for your gifts, your genuine caring and excellent read on where I currently am at.  I look forward to meeting up with you again.

Barbara H.

Vancouver, Canada

Thanks for the reading you gave my wife Daisy.  We had been to see Sylvia Browne at the Orpheum Theatre/Vancouver, Canada the week prior.  But Daisy was passed over when Sylvia called out numbers for attendees to come up to the stage for a personal reading.  I feel that we are more at peace after your reading.

When you told Daisy – Ricardo, her son and an Aunt were all present; it made her feel assured that her son was in a good place with all those he loved.  Ricardo is the name of her late husband and father to her son.  The tragedy and circumstances of Deeward’s murder was very difficult for all of us and even more so for his mother and kid sister!

Not feeling satisfied after Sylvia Browne’s show; I searched through my papers at home and your email address popped out!  I remembered I had cut it out of a ‘new age’ magazine more than a year ago for the purpose of some day getting a reading for Daisy.  I had always told Daisy that one day we would see a psychic and she often asked when?  I guess the time was right and we found you!  

Thanks again!  Things in our lives are starting to get back more to normal. 


Vancouver, Canada

I recently had the good fortune to come across Helen Lee in my online search for a personal chart reading.  I had the Life Destiny Analysis done and I would have to say that she was very accurate in her analysis of my chart.  But it’s more than just that.  I have had many readings done in the past from others and it is very rare to find someone who is articulate, concise and nurturing.  Her reading of my chart has left me with a better sense of who I am.  She is a true sage, wise in her words and with a lovely soul.  I would highly recommend Helen Lee for anyone seeking a reading.

Helen helped me see my life more clearly.  The most efficient one hour that I have spent in my life so far!  Best,


Vancouver, Canada

A few weeks ago, my husband and I noticed a change in our two and a half year old son’s sleeping patterns and desire to go to bed – even a desire to be in his bedroom.  After waking in the morning, our son would explain in a very limited vocabulary that he was seeing ‘a man’ or the ‘the ghost’ at nighttime.  

After ruling out an ‘active imagination’ or runaway dreams, even the particularly frightening thought of a real individual hiding in his closet, my husband and I knew we needed to help Jackson by seeking the aid of a professional medium.  I found Helen and within 48 hours of asking for her help, our home, our son and our lives were not only back to normal – they were better than before.

She was able to clarify what we were dealing with, who the ‘individual’ was and tell us things about our son that gave us peace of mid.  Had it not been for Helen, our son would still be scared of his room and night time, in general.  An absolutely powerless feeling my husband and I had no longer feel, but rather empowered, educated and at peace.  Our son told me himself when Helen was successful in sending the ghost back Home to the Other Side simply by saying ‘the ghost has gone to Heaven’!

We had nothing to lose by seeking Helen but gained so much.  She is the real deal.  I will speak with her for years to come and her help, her abilities and desire want to leave this place better than she found is a true testament to her character.

Highly, highly recommend Helen!  

Karley Malloy

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I went into this appointment feeling anxiety and excitement and at the same time fear…because I wasn’t sure what was going to come out of it.  At the same time wanting to hear what was in the near future as well as how the past was affecting my life today.  Upon arriving, it did not take me much time to feel comfortable.  I found Helen to be thorough and was right on with her reading with me.  I would and have recommended Helen to many of my family and friends.  Thank you Helen for shedding some light on the things that have been weighing heavy in my heart.  


Vancouver Island, Canada

Helen is such a kind and understanding person.  She is very intuitive and was able to read my situations very well.  She was helpful and made me understand a lot of the troubles I was having in my life.  She also made me come to terms with why I was feeling the ways I did about things.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers in their life.


Vancouver, Canada

Helen’s reading was very insightful!  She really targeted the areas that I needed help with in my life.  She was accurate – she provided me the clarity that I needed so I could see that I am on the right path.  It was amazing how the advice she gave me was exactly where I was putting into motion in my life.  I’m really glad that I got to speak with her.  Thanks again, Helen for helping me. 


Edmonton, Alberta

My session with Helen was incredible.  I was left feeling very clear and strong on my life and where I needed to go.  I recommend her very highly. 


Vancouver, Canada

Great reading!  I’m glad I called her.  She made feel better and answered all my questions.  I would surely recommend Helen.  She is truly professional.  Thank you so much. 


Delta, B.C. Canada

It was a pleasure to see this petite powerhouse of a young lady take each piece of jewelry, keys, pendant, whatever to hold in her hand and read that person.  So many of the people were possibly floored by Helen’s reading as it took them a moment to even wake up to collect their item.  Yes, sometimes having a total stranger give you back information you may be the only one with that knowledge can be shocking.  Today, it is time to let go of old ideas and welcome Helen into your life to unblock some of those ‘buried’ thoughts, ideas or secrets that may be harmful nor good for you.  I had a wonderful opportunity to have Helen speak to the Golden Seekers Early Risers Health and Wellness Teleconference where she was able to help so many people awaken to what they have buried in themselves.  

Have Helen wake that up in you NOW!  Enjoy the awakening of your true self!

I AM WONDER, a peaceful Inhabitant – Charlotte, S. Carolina, USA

Charlotte, S. Carolina